GUITAR TRAINING : A New Way To Learn Jazz-Guitar...

How much is it?

The regular price for Guitar Training XL (download version) is 34,90 € (38.50 US$)
The regular price for Guitar Training XL plus Add-ons 1-8 (download version) is
83,60€ (93 US$)

Payment methods:

You have the following options:

1. Payment via PayPal: (credit card payment possible through PayPal)
2. Bank transfer (only EU countries) (For the bank transfer option send me a

Limited offer in May 2018:

A) Guitar Training XL Bundle:

Guitar Training XL plus Add-Ons 1 - 8 - download version only 44,90 € (49.90 US$) (nearly 50% discount, regular price: 83,60€ (93 US$)

- New: You can order Add-Ons 9 - 14 as a bundle separately. Just click here:

This is a
limited offer. What do you get?

You will get an incredible amount of exercises on more than 400 pages filled with authentic jazz related material. All topics are covered: scales, chords, arpeggios, patterns, chops and licks, block chords, voicings, blues voicings, chord diagrams etc etc.)
It will give you inspiration for the rest of your life.

Everything is written in notation and tabulature. A special and unique kind of tabulature is used which allows you to play even complicated arrangements almost immediately at first sight.....
You must see it to believe it.

Along with the booklets you can work through and listen to more than
600 minutes of audio files in mp3 format (including backing tracks for all tunes, solo demonstrations, chords, voicings, harmony arrangements, arpeggios, scales etc..) plus a huge number of video files (I stopped counting, there should be almost 250..)

Customers from all over the world are enthusiastic. They would´t have expected that much quality for such a small price.

in US Dollars:
XL Bundle
XL Bundle


B) Guitar Training XL:
(English and German Language)

The complete XL training material (over 200 pages, 240 mins of audio, 120 mins of video) as download version (download size: 1000 MB) for 24,95 € (27.95 US$)

in US Dollars:
Guitar Training XL
Guitar Training XL


IMPORTANT!!!!!! After payment has been confirmed by PayPal, click on the return link to this page. Otherwise you won´t get the download links automatically. But no problem, I will send you a mail with the instructions how to download anyway. Sometimes it takes up to 8 hours until payment is confirmed. So be patient and don´t panic, you will get the links as soon as possible.


Can I purchase additional material?

Yes, you can. There is additional material available. The add-ons are standalone packages. You don´t have to buy Guitar XL first.
You can choose from the following packages:

- Guitar Training Add-On 1 - 17

D) "Guitar Training XL complete" with add-ons 1 - 17 on DVD:

There is a version available on DVD which contains all pdf and media files for all those who do not want to download it. (available worldwide)
Yet this is not a regular DVD and cannot be played in a DVD player. The DVD is only used as a file storage medium. That means you must copy it to a computer and watch the videos and listen to the audio files from there. For the DVD option and for the price send me a
mail: There is no PayPal option for that product.